Volume X, No.2 (Spring 2009)


Volume X, No. 2                                                                                     Spring 2009



Lucretius’ Venus and Mars Reconsidered

M. D. Moorman


The Ethics of Memory in Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan

Benjamin Tucker


Internal Injuries:
Some Further Concerns with Intercultural and Transhistorical Critique

Colin Wysman


Universal Injuries Need Not Wound Internal Values:
A Response to Wysman

Jordan Bartol


Enumerative Induction as a Subset of Inference to the Best Explanation

Laith Al-Shawaf


On Epistemology of the Celestial Realm

Aditya Singh


Unhappy Humans and Happy Pigs

Joshua Seigal


Atheism and the Assumptions of Science and Religion

Christina S. Chen


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Saint Anselm College