New Issue Of Lyceum: Volume XI, no.2 (Spring 2010)

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NEW ISSUE Volume 11-2 Now Available!

VolumeXI, No. 2                                                                                      Spring 2010



Rethinking Recollection and Plato’s Theory of Forms

Lydia Schumacher

Human Life and Its Value
Would You Want to Be a Brain in a Cyborg?

Robert D. Anderson

The Moral Virtues and Instrumentalism in Epicurus

Kristian Urstad

Anselm’s unum argumentu
and its Development in St. Bonaventure

Alessandro Medri

What Blindsight Can See

Jared Butler

A Publication of the
Saint Anselm Philosophy Department

New Issue Volume 10 Number 2 (Spring 2009)

Volume X, No. 2                                                                                     Spring 2009



Lucretius’ Venus and Mars Reconsidered

M. D. Moorman

The Ethics of Memory in Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan

Benjamin Tucker

Internal Injuries:
Some Further Concerns with Intercultural and Transhistorical Critique

Colin Wysman

Universal Injuries Need Not Wound Internal Values:
A Response to Wysman

Jordan Bartol

Enumerative Induction as a Subset of Inference to the Best Explanation

Laith Al-Shawaf

On Epistemology of the Celestial Realm

Aditya Singh

Unhappy Humans and Happy Pigs

Joshua Seigal

New Issue Volume 10 Number 1 (Fall 2008)

Volume X, No. 1 Fall 2008



The New Natural Law Theory

Christopher Tollefsen

The Real-Ideal Divide

Jan Kyrre Berg Olsen

What Does Academic Skepticism Presuppose?

Arcesilaus, Carneades, and the Argument with Stoic Epistemology

David Johnson

Is Intercultural Critique Possible?

An Examination of Recognition Theory

Jordan N. Bartol

The “Rightness” Error:

An Evaluation of Normative Ethics in the Absence of Moral Realism

Mathais Sarrazin

Berkeley’s Arguments on Realism and Idealism

Blake Winter

The Tao of Salinger

Sara Kallock

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Saint Anselm Philosophy Club

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New Issue (Volume 9-2) Spring 2008


Volume IX,     No. 2 Spring 2008



Aristotle’s Form of the Species as Relation

Theodore Di Maria, Jr.

What Was Hume’s Problem about Personal Identity in the Appendix?

Megan Blomfield

The Effect of Luck on Morality

Kerian Wallace

Love as Knowledge: the Metaphysics behind the Emotion

Matt Schuler

A Publication of the
Philosophy Department
Saint Anselm College

New Issue (Volume 9-1)

Volume IX, No. 1 Fall 2007


Reverence for Life: A Moral Value or the Moral Value?
Predrag Cicovacki

On the Concept of Personhood:
A Comparative Analysis of Three Accounts
Martin Alexander Vezér

Happiness and Freedom in Socrates and Callicles
Kristian Urstad

The Being of Intentionality
Sean McGovern

A Publication of the
Philosophy Department
Saint Anselm College

New Issue (8-2) Forthcoming in June

Volume VIII, No. 2                                                           Spring 2007




Back to Nature: Aquinas and Ethical Naturalism
Gavin T. Colvert

Kant’s Theory of Geometry in Light of the Development
of Non-Euclidean Geometries
Martha King

Plato’s Parmenides
An Analysis and Response to Objections Raised
Colin Connors

The Virgin Desert:
Gender Transformation in Fourth-Century Christian Asceticism
Erin Kidd

Why Parfit’s Contradiction Makes Me Think I Don’t Exist
Alice Evans

A Publication of the
Philosophy Department
Saint Anselm College

First Online Issue Available

Volume VIII, No. 1 Winter 2007


The Role of Natural Law in a World of Religious and Political Diversity
Montague Brown

Animals and Machines:On Their Beginnings and Endings
Chris Tollefsen

Tragedy and the Philosophical Life: A Response to Martha Nussbaum
Martha C. Beck

Childhood and Salvation in The Brother’s Karamazov
Gary Senecal

A Publication of the
Philosophy Department
Saint Anselm College